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Thank u @britmarling and ur freak of nature team of geniuses who continue 2 rescue cinema w/what u do. @The_OA is a beacon of hope for all.
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Dave approves of the drum take on final track of the new bb record at Doghouse Studios LA. New album coming 2017!!
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Dave my producer ponders "Do these new tunes really rAWk so hard u need a helmet? Back in the studio next week, Ya'…
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I'm not known to endorse very often but my pal Sisto is really good in this. Check it, people...
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Here's How You Can Help Homeless Vets This Veterans Day.
Peace y'all ✌️️🇺🇸
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On a lighter yet even more eerily ironic note... America, consider your pussy officially grabbed.
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That said, I believe Trump is an unkind, insincere, thoughtless, immature human being whom I truly hope we can all help to evolve himself.
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I believe that voters truly believed in what they wanted. What I question is if they truly understood what they'd be getting. We shall see.
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I voted 2 wks ago. Had I known it'd b 90degrees in Nov here today? Thanx China. U hoaxsters and ur climate change 😳…
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Mazel tov?? Oy. Get this woman another cocktail.
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For those in LA come play this Sat nite for my friend Matty's superb Rwanda charity
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@BrookeBCNN dunno if ur allowed to but maybe u can retweet this for those who wish to sign for the vets?
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If u think the Pentagon asking soldiers to pay them back for THEIR mistake is a disgrace, sign here and PASS IT ON!!
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No amount of fact checking or character assessment will ever overstate how deeply on the wrong side of history @realDonaldTrump will be.
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Lest we forget, this IS what he does. This who he is...
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@dawestheband So I'm In Chicago this wknd. Huge fan. Wanna come to the show on Sat. What time do u go on?? Tix only avail at the door???
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Congressional Black Caucus is BRINGIN' IT right now!!
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Ok c'mon, every human being... how are we not done with beauty pageants by now? Jesus H @ABCNetwork are we really doing this?? Sad.
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Thanks 4 this & 2 all u other peeps who put out so many kind words AND to my @ZooCBS fam. Stoked 2 light it up in S3
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So... Trump spoke tonight in the town where I was born... to an embarrassingly white crowd. There's a reason I don't live there anymore.
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"I don't need to be part of the conversation... as long as I AM the conversation" - said both Trump and Kanye
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Thanks Richard & evry1 at @TopRockerHD u guys were kick ass. Can't beLIEVE I waited this long 2 get another bike🤘🏻
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I suck at self promo but if ur in LA, Austin or Dallas go see @reverendguyroy tmorow or on VOD next week -much love
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RT @reverendguyroy: What if there's no endgame? What would you do? What would Mini Jesus do? #WWMJD />Pre-order: http…
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