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It's the Friday of a short week. That doesn't mean we can't celebrate the weekend! #TGIMF #MOFY starts now on USA.
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RT @ColonyUSA: Partners unite.

An all-new episode is on NOW. Be sure to live-tweet using #Colony.
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#SVU fans, ask @FINALLEVEL your questions and he may answer during the @nbcsvu “Fans of Ice-Land” marathon on USA!
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Hey @nbcsvu fans: ask @FINALLEVEL your burning questions and get a chance to have them answered by the man himself!
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Do you know the difference between blue and cerulean? You better if you work for the devil. The Devil Wears Prada is starting now on USA.
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An angel of an actress becomes a devil of a boss. The Devil Wears Prada starts tonight at 8/7c on USA.
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RT @Shooter_USA: No distractions.

The #ShooterTV Season Finale starts NOW. Live-tweet with us and the cast using #ShooterFinale https://t.…
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.@JessicaBiel & Bill Pullman are coming to USA in the provocative new crime thriller series, The Sinner. Read more:
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Did The Lone Wolf learn his lesson last week? Find out on @WWE #SmackDown Live tonight at 8/7c on USA.
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Turn on the @TODAYshow at 9/8c and catch @JohnCena help the team break down #TODAYsTake!
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It's a holiday, but we're not taking the day off! @WWE #Raw starts NOW on USA!
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I have my purpose. When @catgreenleaf chats with celebs, I listen to her interviews. Catch @A_Dogs_Purpose in theaters Jan 27. - Steve🐾
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If you've got the day off, we've got the marathon on! The Law & Order: #SVU marathon starts now on USA!
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How many actors have had multiple roles on SVU? See if you can count them all during the @nbcsvu "Déjà SVU" maratho…
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Reason #12 why we love @TODAYshow: We get to start our day with puppies and end it with movies!
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Ziva David is one mighty woman, so we decided to give her a marathon as big as her personality! The #NCIS "A to Ziva" marathon starts now!
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It's Friday night, so you know it's time for #MOFY #TGIMF! Grab a snack and settle in - this'll be a good one.
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RT @ColonyUSA: Missed the meeting at the Yonk with @Official_PeterJ, @JoshHolloway and the rest of the #Colony cast? Watch it here: https:/…
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He's out to get those who took everything from him. The network television premiere of @JohnWickMovie hosted by Kea…
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RT @ColonyUSA: The people have spoken.

#Colony is "back and better than ever" TONIGHT at 10/9c on @USA_Network.
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RT @ColonyUSA: It's time to see what once was.

#Colony Season 2 premieres TONIGHT at 10/9c on @USA_Network.
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RT @Shooter_USA: It's about to go down.

Shooter starts NOW. Live-tweet with us using #ShooterTV.
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RT @Shooter_USA: Get your affairs in order. No distractions for tonight's insane episode of #ShooterTV. />
We'll see you at 10/9c on
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The revolution is here.

Get #MrRobot season_2.0 on Blu-ray and DVD now.
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Last week, Ambrose took down The Miz. This week? It's a whole new fight. @WWE #SmackDown Live is on tonight at 8/7c…
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Check out the August issue of ALLURE with Amy on the cover!

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